How I wash my Makeup Brushes!

September 23, 2014 § 2 Comments

So it’s always best to wash your brushes at least once a week because of all the bacteria that is in your brushes from the make up, and from touching your skin and etc. So I always try to wash my brushes every Sunday. Since I don’t wear make up on Sundays I figure its best to do it on Sundays for it can be ready for the week. What you will need is Antibacterial Soap, any kind of Olive Oil, and a paper plate or a regular plate.


The reason why I choose to use soap that has Antibacterial in it is because it kills all the bacterial that may be in the brushes. With using Olive Oil it will help condition and hydrate your brushes and wont let the brush hair get dried out. Just think of the whole process as your just Shampooing and Conditioning your brushes.

This Is How I Clean My Brushes. 

  1. Pour half of Antibacterial Soap on one side and do the other half Olive Oil.


2. Now its time to start washing your brushes so just pick any brush.


3. Your just gonna wet your brush and swirl your brush so it mixes with the antibacterial soap, and Olive Oil.


4. Next you will just use your hand to basically scrub the makeup off.

flluffy wash

5. Next you will just need to rinse it throughly and take out any water that may still be in your brushes.

brish under watere


5. Now your brushes are all clean you just need to let them dry over night. 🙂

You can use this cleaning method with any kind of make up brush:)


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